Oman Water Telecommunication Architecture Study

Start date: 01/2017

Finish date: 07/2017

Client: Public Authority for Electricity & Water (PAEW)

Location: Oman


Scope of work:

Data Gathering, Conceptual Design, Basic Design, Recommending Design and Methodology for Implementation and Financial Study



Water crisis is global concern. In this case, managing the optimal use of water sources and supervision on them, particularly in arid areas, is very critical. Efficient distribution of water is a key element for any water utility in terms of continuity of supply. Therefore, controlling and monitoring the water systems is essential to follow up the water quantity and quality supplied to the customers.

Since Oman faces the shortage of water, PAEW seeks Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers as an international consultant to improve and expand the telecommunication network of water industry by the means of the above mentioned project. ‘Telecommunication architecture study’ mission is to design an integrated monitoring system on the telecommunication network and its security. Having designed and supervised similar projects in the national level, Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers is responsible for designing the communications network by the edge technology and its proficient experts to carry SCADA, CCTV, NMS and VOIP.

Consultancy for the Realization of a Telecommunication Architecture Study throughout the PAEW Service Area will be done for all the governorates except Dhofar and includes near 400 sites to enable PAEW to have a manageable telecom network considering cost, security issues and NMS requirements.