Study of Desalination Opportunities in South Coast (Persian Gulf and Oman Sea) of Iran

Start Date: 2011

Finish Date: 2013

Client: MAPNA (Investment Projects Division)


This project concentrates on a complete study in order to choose the best desalination technology for each site in Iran according to different site conditions, water demand, intake water properties etc. The project consists of four phases. First phase consists of literature survey, water and desalination statistical study (especially in MENA and Iran), governmental studies in water and desalination, activities of other companies in the region and the history of desalination in MAPNA. Second phase consists of evaluating the sea water and brackish water resources in Iran and choosing critical regions considering water demand. Third phase concentrates on techno-economical analysis of various desalination plants with emphases on variation of power block output, desalination technologies and water demand. Finally the fourth phase focuses on developing a business plan for MAPNA based on the last three phases of the study.