Study, Design and SCADA Master Plan Preparation for Zanjan Water Utility

Start date: 2017

Finish date: 2018

Client: Zanjan Water and Waste Water Company

Location: Zanjan Province- Iran


Scope of work:

  • Preparation of SCADA system current state for Zanjan water utilities such as water treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping and pressure reducing stations
  • Preparation of Zanjan SCADA master plan
  • Preparation of SCADA basic design
  • Preparation of SCADA and telemetry system tender documents
  • Collaboration in tendering and choosing the SCADA contractor



One of the major issues affecting the water industry is to manage water consumption due to the shortage of water resources within the country. In this regard, the role of an integrated, centralized and modern control system to enhance safe water supply networks and water supply reliability, in an extensive water network with vast number of stations is inevitable.

Relying on our expertise in telecommunication and SCADA systems and being the only engineering firm with the first Grade Certificate in Dispatching & Automation in Iran, paved the way for us to become the winner of the Tehran Water and Wastewater Telemetry tender with the highest technical score in 2014.

The project of “Study, design and SCADA master plan preparation for Zanjan water utility” was defined for Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers due to the successful implementation of the engineering phase of Tehran metropolitan water telemetry system which will result in a safe and upto-dated operation for Zanjan water infrastructures. Implementation of this project facilitates the efficient functionality of water network, reduces failures, operational expenses and related costs, and provides the capability of energy and water management in real time from remote center.