Qheshm Power and Desalination Plant

Start Date: 2011

Finish Date: 2013

Owner: Mapna Qheshm Water & Power Co. - Iran

Client: Mapna Special Projects Construction & Development Co. (MD-3)


  • 4 set of Desalination Plant (MED type) 4500 M3/d
  • 2 set of Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) 50 Ton/h
  • 2 set of GTG 25 MW

Scope of work:


Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers has been assigned to prepare basic design, civil detail design, vendor design review, procurement services and tender documents



The plant is located in Qheshm Island, a free zone in the south of Iran and is performed under B.O.O Scheme by investment of private section. In the plant, HRSG converts the thermal wasted energy into steam by two sets of gas turbine each one with capacity of 25MW, which is being used in the process of generating potable water from the sea water in MED type desalination units. Since, different industries and also tourism industry are going to be prospered in the zone; this plant could provide the future demanded power and desalted water for more industry needs.