Top Projects
Consulting Services for Analysis, Confirmation, Design, Implementation and Operation of FTTx NBN in Iran
Client: Iranian-Net (the 4th telecommunication operator in
Start: 2013   End: 2014
Consultancy Services for smart metering deployment in Iran
Client: 6 Different Electrical Distribution Companies
Start: 2009   End: 2013
Engineering, Basic Design and Supervision of Copper Indutsry SCADA System
Client: National Iranian Copper Industries Company
Start: 2013   End: 2016
Telecommunication and Dispatching

The Telecommunication and Dispatching Division is one of the most important and fast growing division as it deals with an enter-technological, robust and progressive industry. It provides engineering and design services for dispatching centers and telecommunication networks inside and outside the country including SCADA, monitoring and dispatching, networks, telecommunication systems, metering systems and smart grids.
Benefiting from high qualified engineers, software and hardware infrastructures and the latest technology of the day in addition to the valuable experience and knowledge of the company, we provide the best quality of engineering and consulting services from conceptual, basic and detail design, technical training, site supervision and management of the most important and high tech projects of the country.

Having technical teams dedicated for mobile, fiber optic, smart grid and signaling areas of knowledge and our joint cooperation with top ranked companies has made us unique in providing services to the clients. 

This division includes two departments as follow;

  • Telecommunication

As a reliable partner for large telecommunication operators, we support the installation and upgrading of their telecom networks in core, aggregation and access layers. Throughout the country, we’ve carried out projects to deploy fiber optic networks, radio/ microwave systems, Power Line Carriers, etc. We’ve also worked on the high level design, business case and tendering of the National Broadband Network based on FTTx; national telecommunication infrastructure of power system; telecommunication infrastructure of oil and gas systems; smart grids and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), telecommunication network planning of airports, metro systems, etc.

  • Dispatching and Automation 

Dispatching and Automation Department serves consultancy services in various stages of the SCADA and automation plans of electricity industry including generation, transmission and distribution, copper and steel production industries, metro & railway, oil & gas and water distribution industries. In this regard this group has been taking advantages of up to date technologies in thier projects such as WAMS systems and Smart Grids. Furthermore, in this department technical reports have been provided in various fields such as smart grids, leak detection system in oil & gas and water industries, and environment monitoring systems.