Top Projects
Reliability Study of Bangladesh Power Grid System
Client: Power Cell, Power Division, Energy & Mineral Resou
Start: 2015   End: 2018
Synchronous Interconnection of Iran-Iraq Grids
Client: Electricity Ministry of Iraq & TAVANIR Co.
Start: 2014   End: 2015
Operating Reserve Management in MIS and Dhofar systems of OETC
Client: Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC)
Start: 2015   End: 2018
Synchronous Interconnection of Iran-Iraq Grids
Client: Electricity Ministry of Iraq
Start: 2013   End: 2015
Power Evacuation System Studies for Salalah Power Plant (IPP-2)
Client: Dhofar Power Company (DPC)
Start: 2013   End: 2014
System & Energy Studies

System and Energy Study Center have been involved in "Electrical Power System Studies" and "Energy System Planning". Enjoying Monenco Iran's extensive experience in power industry and having skillful technical experts, "system and Energy Study Center" aims to perform system studies in the field of power production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy as well as energy consultancy to large industries and electrical railways. At present, Monenco Iran's System & Energy Study Center outstanding projects on study of conventional power plants in island mode, energy saving studies and feasibility study of conventional power plant and renewable for energy industries. We are also involved in assisting industries for improving managerial structures and developing strategic plans. Activities of ESSC can be categorized into four groups as follow:

  • Energy System Planning
    Energy System Planning Group has been responsible for comprehensive study of energy (electricity, Oil and Gas, etc.), studying the effect of economical, environmental, and social aspects of using new technologies to optimize and reduce energy consumption, establishment of energy management system, providing a road map for optimizing energy consumption in major processes, studies to identify bottlenecks and provide solutions to improve the energy consumption, auditing energy, and proposing tactics to save energy.
  • Strategic Planning and Management Group
    Strategic Planning and Management Group has been performing as a consultancy group to provide services in the areas of strategic planning and management, evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency and planning for cascading strategies. Besides, this part has experience in management processes, operational planning, evaluating performance of companies and organizations, etc.
  • Power System Studies Group
    Power System Studies Group as one of the main part in ESSC offers services and activities related to the generation, transmission, and distribution grid. This group provides consultancy services for feasibility studies of power plants, analyzing power system events, studying application of new technologies in power system, studying power quality, reducing loss in electrical networks, etc.
  • Economical Feasibility and Electricity Market
    Economical Feasibility and Electricity Market Group studies cover all consulting services in the areas of economical feasibility and market studies. These services are not limited to electricity industry but cover all industrial projects. Some of major tasks of this section are; economical feasibility study for investment projects, developing the regulations related to the electricity market, electricity energy and services pricing, providing energy bidding strategy for private owners in the electricity market, competitive market analysis indicators, economic studies on electricity transit and studying and predicting the behavior of other market players. Moreover, this part has recently entered Stock Valuation area and public-private-partnership and tried gaining experiences in the field of energy exchange, electricity market design, market policy and authority, market monitoring, etc.