Top Projects
Consulting Services for Analysis, Confirmation, Design, Implementation and Operation of FTTx NBN in Iran
Client: Iranian-Net (the 4th telecommunication operator in
Start: 2013   End: 2014
Consultancy Services for smart metering deployment in Iran
Client: 6 Different Electrical Distribution Companies
Start: 2009   End: 2013
Engineering, Basic Design and Supervision of Copper Indutsry SCADA System
Client: National Iranian Copper Industries Company
Start: 2013   End: 2016
Transmission & Distribution

Our skill in transmission and distribution extend from the design and modifications of existing infrastructure, improvements to grid stations and to major electrical transmission infrastructure design. The division of Transmission & Distribution handles projects in energy and power industries.

This Division has designed, consulted and supervised +/- 500 kV HVDC system, more than 720 km Transmission Lines up to 765 kV, Hot Line OPGW with the length of more than 700 km and 7100 MVA Substations from 33 kV up to 400 kV and more than 23 Distribution Networks in 2014. 

This division includes four departments as follow:

  •  Transmission Lines and Distribution Networks

Transmission Lines and Distribution Networks Department offers client responsive and high quality design and engineering services in all stages of projects in the fields of network system studies, power transmission lines designs and supervision, OPGW, ADSS & engineering of network distribution.

  • Grid Stations

The High Voltage Substations Department is equipped to deal with all necessary aspects of engineering and construction supervision as well as asset management of HV substations. Substation engineering covers the design of the HV and LV parts, as well as control systems, auxiliary services, and civil & structural design; these designs are fully accomplished based on structural 3D design software. Consultancy of the projects also falls within our area of expertise. We also deal with control systems for equipment designed for energy production (Hydroelectric and Thermal plants) and Petrochemical Plant.

  • Civil and Structure

By gaining experience in different fields of design and consultancy, Monenco Iran also offers civil services for industrial facilities. This group provides consultancy and engineering services for industrial, commercial, residential buildings and civil parts of the transmission lines, high voltage substations, dispatching centers and railway transportation projects and other unusual structures. Also ergonomic construction and green buildings are in the scope of Monenco Iran.

  • Railways

By developing technical knowledge in the new fields also in line with the needs for infrastructure projects in the field of urban railways and stations in Iran, Monenco has expanded its services and entered into the mentioned fields. However, through the technical and engineering capabilities of Monenco, foreign partners, experienced qualified personnel and using modern technologies, Monenco is able to render high quality engineering services in different projects in mega cities of Iran such as Shiraz and Tabriz as well as different lines of Tehran Metro and railways projects.

Top Projects