Top Projects
Fire Protection & Alarm System for crude oil storage tanks in Kharg Island
Client: Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC)
Start: 2011   End: 2012
Project Management Engineering Services for Bioethanol Plant
Client: Gostaresh Sokht Sabz Zagros (Zagros Green Fuel Dev
Start: 2013   End: 2015
Oil & Gas

Competent design and consulting services in the oil and gas field has been the trademark of Monenco for more than 6 years. During this time, Monenco has been involved in many outstanding oil and gas projects. In a country with an old history of oil industry and a remarkable demand and investment growth in oil and gas exploration and production, Monenco Iran provides whole scope of engineering services including the multi-disciplinary ones, consultancy and procurement services in this field of industry. Monenco Iran Company is a pioneer in Iran's power and energy industries which is committed to quality, productivity and environment protection.
Oil and Gas division is also active in Mining and Geology field.

Scope of Services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Basic design
  • Detail design
  • Procurement engineering services
  • Execution management and site supervision
  • Engineering consultancy services
  • Energy studies
  • 3-D design
  • Metering
  • GTP, GTO in Petrochemical Plants
  • Vapor Control & Recovery in Refineries & Tank Farms
  • Bio-ethanol
  • Technical Inspection
  • Know How Transfer

Environmental issues and new fields

One of the most important crises in the modern world is global warming and one of the most important causes of global warming is greenhouse gases, subsequently CO2 is a main cause of the global warming. This gas is produced by excessive use of fossil fuels in cars, industries, power plants, etc. Current situation, made many industrial countries in the world do extensive investments on controlling production of this gas one of which is: "Carbon Capture and Storage CCS"

This environmental issue and also declined rate of oil extraction from some of old oil fields of Iran, has made Monenco Iran undertake wide range of studies in this regard and make its own share of contribution to resolve global issues by offering NIOC, National Iranian Oil Company, the latest methods of Carbon Capture Storage and CO2 injection to oil wells.