Message From Managing Director


Economical growth has a direct relation with electricity consumption growth. As the world economical growth was in its minimum during the past several years, consulting companies are one of those firms that assumed to have significant roles in solving such complicated situations. Because they are the ones that must make the project feasible, encourage the applications of new technologies and optimize the platforms to decrease the required investment.
Believing to these roles, Monenco has defined its adaptive strategies in such way that with participation of the investors, clients and contractors not only didn't slow down its ongoing projects but fortunately speed it up. Generally speaking, all the projects in Monenco are progressing based on the planned time schedule as the well trained experts of Monenco conduct the projects in a manner that the clients gave the highest priority of the projects being consulted by Monenco and as the consequences the work orders of Monenco are growing rapidly.
Over the past couple of years Monenco Iran was successful to expand its services and penetrate in Africa, Middle East, and Far East while high volume pressure and restrictions were imposed and the world economy was going downward. It must be noted that in 2011 Monenco was the only consulting company among the 400 economical giants in Iran and in 2012 was ranked 144th among top 200 international consulting and design firms on McGraw-Hill published by ENR.
Although Monenco Iran plays the main role in Iran Power Industry, still is eager to expands it’s activities geographically more and more and spreads it’s scope of services to the new fields which were not included in the core business of the company including water and gas pipelines, roads, railways and commercial buildings and finally mining.
Furthermore, Monenco was able to establish Monenco Consulting Engineers (MCE) in Oman in 2010 and Monenco Engineering Limited (MEL) in Nigeria due to its high proficiency and capability in 2011. Monenco was successful to enter Oil & Gas market in Bangladesh in 2012 as well.
I remember in one of my meetings with the high level minister of an African country, who was not sure about execution of one of the biggest projects in that country, due to high investment needed and high expertise required.  While we were not the project consultant, he asked me my opinion about its execution and I explained the ROI of the project and interest of investors for these profitable projects. After some discussion about the details, he contacted the country president and said Mr. President we will do that in any circumstances and Monenco must be our consultant for its execution.
This is the role that we have assumed for ourselves, whether we are involved in the project or not, we must give the best consultancy we can.
                                                                               Alireza Shirani 
                                                                            Managing Director